Meet our Behavioral Health Team at PAGS

Meet our Behavioral Health Team at PAGS
as of 4/2/2019

By having behavioral health clinicians embedded in our practice we will be able to better identify signs of behavioral health problems early and to collaborate with families and medical providers to intervene early and effectively. We know how difficult it can be to find a therapist in the community and that's why we've hired a team of clinicians here at PAGS to offer convenient access to evidence-based interventions. Our behavioral health team includes a psychiatrist, Dr. Lisa Barreto-D'Silva MD, a psychologist Dr. Tai Chiappa, and a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW) Rachel Bedick. At your next visit at PAGS it's possible that one of our behavioral health clinicians will pop in to the exam room to introduce herself, provide some anticipatory guidance about things to keep an eye on in your child's social-emotional development, or just to check-in to see if you have any concerns. 

Behavioral health issues can impact physical health and vice-versa. For instance, a child with anxiety might develop difficulty sleeping, frequent headaches and/or digestive problems. If we were to look at these symptoms solely through a medical lens, we might overlook treating the anxiety. Integrating behavioral health clinicians into our care teams makes sense. It reduces stigma, improves access to services, and means providing better care all around and raising a healthier next generation.
We have the capabilities of offering short-term behavioral health interventions as well as longer term therapy.

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