PAGS Profile - Meet Dr. Jocelyn Sicat

PAGS Profile - Meet Dr. Jocelyn Sicat
as of 5/23/2019
What started as a part time, “short-term” job for Dr. Jocelyn Sicat at PAGS has lasted for over 15 years. As a doctor, mother and breast cancer survivor, she offers her patients’ compassionate and empathetic care based on her life experience.
Dr. Sicat’s story at PAGS started as a Pediatric ER Doctor at NSMC in 1992. During her time there, she met and worked with Dr. Higgins in the ER who asked her to fill in at PAGS part time to help with sick visit patients on a short-term basis in 2003. She continues her work with PAGS today, full time, because she loves the PAGS team and all of her patients.
She is certified in Pediatric Rheumatology, the study of rheumatism, arthritis, and other disorders of the joints, muscles, and ligaments.  She became interested in rheumatology because it involves a detective approach to care and she has always had an interest in health from a whole-body, well-being perspective with her patients.
Dr. Sicat brings a vast amount of medical experience to her patients as she has treated a diverse medical population. She has practiced in Dorchester, Chinatown and other Boston hospitals, Salt Lake City, Utah, various practices in Maine and as a pediatrician at several summer camps in Maine.

Dr. Sicat lives with her family on the campus of a boarding school in Central MA, where her husband is a professor. She is very involved in campus life, having students over for home cooked meals and hosting the cross-country team in their Maine home. She enjoys outdoor recreation and travel with her family and supports sustainable local foods and businesses.
Dr. Sicat offers evening hours and is accepting new patients.   
Click here to see Dr. Sicat's bio and to book an appointment call (978) 745-3050.

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