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They are friendly and professional! Great all around! They care!

Jan W.

Great group of caring people, I wouldn't take my child anywhere else!

Diana C.

The staff knows how to help make a difficult situation easier to deal with!

Anita S.

PAGS is the best. From a wonderfully kind front desk staff, to patient nurses who can give shots before the nervous kid even realizes it's happening, to the NPs who have handled a zillion small issues (and pierced ears very evenly), to the truly amazing, thoughtful, and smart docs who are not only skilled diagnosticians but friends ... I could never ask for more.

Christine T

Thank you for always being there for my kids There isn't a better feeling than to know my kids are being taken care of when they are sick.  It is an awful feeling when parents can't help our babies feel better, we feel helpless and you make that better.  Thank you!

Ginny H.

Been bringing my kids to them for 31 years. We wouldn't go anywhere else.

Sarah H.

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