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Pediatric Associates (PAGS) accepts most major managed care (HMO, PPO) and private indemnity plans. Prior to your first appointment, please call your insurance company to verify that one of our pediatricians is listed as an in-network provder with your plan. Also, review your insurance policy to understand what services and procedures are covered and which services and procedure may be applied to your deductible. Any questions about the coverage of a service or procedure should be directed to your insurance carrier prior to your visit in our office.

Your care team at PAGS is committed to your health care needs and the billing of your visit is determined by the services and care received, not by the insurance coverage. PAGS providers cannot change billed services to match your insurance coverage.

Since insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company, PAGS does not get involved in any disputes regarding deductibles, co-payments, covered charges, non-covered charges, etc. 

Below are descriptions of the typical language used when referring to medical services:

  • Preventative Care – This includes services such as physicals (well visit), screening tests, and immunizations that are given when your child is symptom-free and you have no reason to believe that the child might be sick.
  • Diagnostic Care – This is what is received when your child has symptoms of an illness or injury (sick visits) or is being followed for a chronic condition; this may include office visits, tests, or treatments.

Preventative and Diagnostic Care can occur at the same visit.  For example, your child may have a physical during which a chronic illness is discovered or discussed – some of the tests ordered that day might be preventative, but others might be diagnostic. In most cases, you don’t pay anything for Preventative Care, but you might have to pay something for Diagnostic Care. As always, please call your insurance company with any specific questions you may have about your plan or your level of coverage.

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