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Our Services

Asthma Specialist

We have a dedicated Certified Asthma Education Nurse, Julieta Perez RN, RRT, AE-C, on hand to help and educate our families and patients with asthma.  She works directly with our physicians, nurse practitioners and families of our asthmatic patients to help better manage and control symptoms and to put together an action plan for the patient. 

Lactation Services

Our lactation consultants, Donna Doyle, MS, CNM, IBCLC and Sue Nevins, RNC, IBCLC, are available to meet with you and your baby to assist with any and all breastfeeding concerns. They will work with you to ensure that your child is receiving the proper nourishment, and will also help you with positioning issues, nipple care, and overall maternal health. Meeting with them provides a wonderful opportunity to have all of your lactation concerns addressed, whether it’s your first child or your third! Both Donna and Sue are available by appointment only.

Vision Screening

We recently purchased several SPOT Vision Screening tools to provide better, more comprehensive care for your child(ren).

Approximately 80% of a child's early learning is visual, yet according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vision disability is the single most prevalent disabling condition among children. Over 25% of school-age children have vision problems, the majority of which are undetected.

Spot Vision Screening allows PAGS to screen patients as young as 6 months old; children don't need to be able to speak, to read, or even to recognize letters for us to capture instantaneous, accurate results. We can detect near-sightedness, far-sightedness, blurred vision/eye structure problems (astigmatism), pupil size deviations, and eye misalignments, all within a few seconds, with this non-invasive, cutting-edge technology.

If you would like your child to be screened, please call the office to schedule an appointment and take advantage of this technology. If it's determined that follow-up care is necessary, we will provide families with a list of opthalmologists to whom we typically refer.

Hearing Testing

If you or your child’s school is concerned about your child’s hearing, feel free to schedule an appointment. PAGS uses the EroScan Pro - a hand-held device that detects and measures otoacoustic emissions, which are sounds produced by the cochlea. We are able to screen our patient’s hearing from newborn up, as no response from the patient is necessary; we can easily test non-English-speaking patients, as well. If the device identifies a possible hearing loss, and then we can refer to you to the proper specialist for more comprehensive testing should this be necessary.

Ear Piercing

PAGS also offers ear piercing for our current patients The $30 fee covers the cost of the hypo-allergenic stud earrings, the procedure, and the administration fee. Call and book an appointment to get your child's ear pierced in a safe, professional environment.

Translation Services

PAGS utilizes interpretive services and employs bilingual staff. We have staff and providers who speak Spanish, Portuguese, French and Farsi. We also have access to sign language interpreters.


As summer activities increase for children, so do sprained ankles, wrists, etc.  Below are videos that show how to safely wrap a sprain with an ace bandage until you can be seen by your medical provider:
  1. Wrist
  2. Knee
  3. Ankle 
Congratulations to Dr. Campbell, Dr. D'Souza, Dr. Jalali and Dr. Mandell for being voted top pediatricans in Northshore Magazine (2017 & 2018).  We have a great team at PAGS!
Dr. Campbell wrote a blog about talking with your children about tragic events happening in the U.S. and worldwide. Please read it if you are looking for information related to discussing these difficult topics.

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